Container Pools are self-contained units, unlike many conventional swimming pools, meaning you don’t need a separate pool-house on your property. They’re also very portable, saving you the high cost of a brand new pool the next time you move. All you need is a crane and a flat deck truck, and you’re good to go!

They can be installed above ground, in-ground and everywhere in between, making them much more versatile than a traditional pool. Another layer of versatility is our hot tub/pool hybrid component, where there is open-ended seating on one side of the Container Pools, with a lightweight divider wall that can be easily slipped in and out. This helps save time and money when heating the Container Pools, as you’re isolating the heat to the spa area and not the entire structure.

And finally, with above-ground or sloped installations, you can have windows for underwater viewing! This is one of our wow factors that our clients absolutely love about our Container Pools. It’s incredibly unique and kids tend to absolutely love it.