Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Zx300


  • Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
  • Effortlessly cleans the pool floor
  • Requires a filter pump with a flow rate of 1,600 – 3,500 GPH
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Suitable for above-ground pools

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Keep Your Pool Floor Clean with the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Introducing the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner, a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining a clean pool floor. Designed for above-ground pools, this pool cleaner effortlessly removes dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles, leaving your pool fresh and inviting.

Effortlessly Cleans the Pool Floor: The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is specifically designed to clean the pool floor with ease. Its powerful suction system effectively vacuums away dirt and debris, ensuring a sparkling clean pool bottom.

Requires a Filter Pump with Adequate Flow Rate: This pool cleaner requires a compatible filter pump with a flow rate of 1,600 to 3,500 gallons per hour (GPH). The pump generates the necessary suction to operate the cleaner efficiently and ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Easy Installation and Operation: Installing the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is a straightforward process. Simply connect it to your pool’s suction inlet or skimmer, and it’s ready to clean. The cleaner operates automatically, gliding across the pool floor and removing debris without the need for manual intervention.

Suitable for Above-Ground Pools: The Intex Zx300 Auto Pool Cleaner is designed specifically for above-ground pools. Its size and functionality make it a suitable choice for these pool types, providing a convenient cleaning solution for pool owners.

Experience effortless pool maintenance with the Intex zx300 Auto Pool Cleaner. By incorporating this efficient and easy-to-use pool cleaner into your pool maintenance routine, you can enjoy a clean and inviting swimming pool all season long. Simplify your pool cleaning process with the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner.

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